Quality Blended Learning

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Blended learning, sometimes referred to as blended or hybrid learning, is a teaching and learning model composed of face-to-face classes or a tutorial component, combined with an online learning component. According to data from the Texas Adult Education Management System (TEAMS), adult learners who participate in blended learning outperform students who only attend a traditional classroom, as well as students who spend more than 50% of their contact hours at a distance.

Blended learning allows students to be more flexible, learning at different rates and gaining greater autonomy. Learners in adult education centers across Europe face similar challenges, such as lack of basic skills, lack of time due to family and work obligations, poor learning habits, lack of motivation, financial issues, etc. Therefore, the organization and development of blended learning courses, which can be tremendously helpful for adult education organizations to respond to the needs mentioned above.

Project objectives

– To make the use of blended learning more extensive, systematic and strategic in adult education

– To increase awareness of the importance and need for quality blended learning in adult education and for educators to improve their skills and knowledge to deliver high quality blended courses.

Project results

– Training and support for educators: Teachers from three countries will participate in a training course at the Dublin Institute of Technology to learn and test different tools for designing quality blended courses. As a result, practical guidelines will be developed based on the training.

– Platform for educators with a new training course and practical advice: Teachers will get a great tool to develop quality blended learning courses: a platform with an interactive course – blended learning gym (training centre) – and a manual including examples of good practice and practical guidance for educators.

Project partners

UPI -Ljudska Univerza Žalec
VHS Hannover
DIT School of Computing (Ireland)
CCS Digital Education

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