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The Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) is an autonomous body of a public nature and administrative character, attached to the department of the Generalitat, which has been assigned the competences in the field of employment.

Creating employment and improving its quality are two fundamental objectives of the European institutions and bodies, which the Generalitat de Catalunya fully adopts.

To achieve these objectives, within the framework of the difficult economic and social context of recent years, Law 13/2015 of July 9, on the organization of the employment system and the SOC, was born, which also introduces and establishes the scope of territorial agreement.

Thus, the norm orders:

  • On the one hand, the employment system of Catalonia, which is the set of entities, services, and programs necessary to promote and develop the public employment policy, with the aim of guaranteeing quality employment services for the people and companies of Catalonia.
  • And, on the other hand, it regulates the SOC, which is the body that manages and integrates the occupational programs and services to maintain and promote stable and quality employment.
Márqueting estratégic i digital
Strategic and digital marketing
Psicologia aplicada a les vendes
Applied psychology to sales
Comunicació en llengües estrangeres
Communication in foreign languages (English) A2
Tractament d'imatges pera web i móbil
Image processing for web and mobile
Implantació i gestió de la ciberseguretat
Implementation and management of cybersecurity
Resposta a incidents de ciberseguretat
Response to cybersecurity incidents

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