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Adult and Vocational Education and Training center, providing educational services and support in project design, management and implementation to the public and private sectors at local and regional level.

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European Trainings

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European Trainings

EU Trainings is a dynamic network of European partners working to promote international mobility and learning opportunities for teachers and students. Our mission is to develop and deliver high quality training programmes, job shadowing and internships that enhance participants’ skills and competences and promote intercultural understanding and cooperation.

Our comprehensive training programmes cover a wide range of topics, including language learning, intercultural communication, digital skills, project management and entrepreneurship.

Thank you to our network of experienced trainers and experts, we are able to develop and deliver customised training solutions that meet the individual needs and goals of each participant.

In addition to our training programmes, we also offer support and advice for teachers and students participating in international projects and mobilities. From project design and planning to logistical support and cultural orientation, our team is committed to ensuring that all participants have a successful and rewarding experience.

Whether you are an educator looking to enhance your skills and competencies, a student seeking an international learning opportunity or an organisation looking to build partnerships and collaborations across Europe, EU Trainings is your one-stop shop for quality training and support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Blend your educational offer

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Design and manage your eu project

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Design effective blended learning courses

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Digital tools for adult learners

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Boost creativity of your learners

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