Fight The Fright

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Theatre activities have been shown to be of great help in the educational setting, and there are many reasons supporting their deployment in the language classroom. The most important function associated with drama is to foster speaking skills and overcome stage fright.

The “Fight the Fright” project proposes an innovative approach that uses the artistic disciplines of performance and storytelling to build a package of educational learning resources with key transversal competences in adults. In the pedagogical context, storytelling and acting are considered appropriate techniques in language learning, and in overcoming the obstacles of public speaking.

Project objectives

– To develop key and transferable competencies, which have an impact on the private and professional life of adults: foreign language competence, interpersonal communication, autonomy and self-esteem.

– Reinforce the introduction of theatrical techniques in the teaching and learning of key skills and competencies.

– Improve adult learning performance

– Increasing the employability and improving the career prospects of adult learners

– To modernize education and training provision for adult learners, but also to:

– Increase the participation of adults in learning.

– Increase the competencies of adult educators and staff to motivate participants and support adults’ persistence in learning

– Increase the use of open online portals to implement blended learning and increase the flexibility of training programs, supporting self-directed learning, and supporting the sharing of best practices and experiences among adult education staff.

Project results

– An online competence self-assessment tool for skills-mismatch gap analysis of adult educators engaged in creative/cultural industries

– A training course for adult educators engaged in trainings for creative/cultural workers

– An interactive map of artistic/creative objects to promote cultural heritage of

– Partner communities and a database of good practices regarding digitization of cultural heritage and improvement of accessibility of cultural heritage.A guide on planning, publicizing, and organisation of accessible cultural events; organization of accessible cultural events in local communities

Project partners

Dante (Coordinador)
Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica
Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

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