The importance of continuous education

Let’s grow together in the face of adversity!


After Covid-19, we have discovered that education not only provides us with knowledge, but also with social skills that we need for our working environment.

According to official data from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), values and training on proactivity, commitment and tolerance can teach us work skills to interact as workers with a positive attitude on a daily basis. 42% of workers received training during the pandemic, and among the different types of training, it is mainly training courses that professionals chose to expand their knowledge in view of 2022 (60%).

Companies are in a highly competitive environment and need to have qualified and continuously trained staff to acquire new technical skills.

What is the benefit of continuous training?

The importance of continuous training adds value to your professional profile, increases your competences and strengthens your self-esteem. It also increases career satisfaction and improves working conditions.

According to the OECD, tertiary education is a measure to reduce the risk of unemployment. Inactivity is linked to educational attainment and is higher among people who have not completed upper secondary education. People with education have also been shown to earn higher wages, with workers with less than an upper secondary qualification earning 18% less than those who have completed this level.

We grow with you, at every step of your future planning, offering you the best language, cooking, memory courses … based on employability, learning, culture, heritage and new digital tools. Moreover, we support you in internationalisation and help you to gain a foothold in other countries. We have seen an increase of over 35% in students and projects in 2022 and we plan to continue to stay by your side supporting you in your professional and personal development.


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