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Adult and Vocational Education and Training center, providing educational services and support in project design, management and implementation to the public and private sectors at local and regional level.

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Territory Promotion

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Territory Promotion

We are passionate about promoting social and cultural connections in the region. We believe that culture plays a crucial role in shaping our society and that it should be celebrated and shared. Through our various activities and events, we aim to strengthen local ties and encourage collaboration between businesses and organisations to support the economic and social development of the region.

In our initiatives to promote the area, we work with local partners to develop and implement strategies that promote the cultural heritage, traditions and values of the region. We also promote cultural exchange and dialogue between different communities, both locally and internationally, to create understanding and appreciation of different perspectives.

From art exhibitions and cultural festivals to educational workshops and community engagement projects, we are committed to the social and cultural well-being of the region. We believe that our efforts to promote culture not only help preserve our heritage, but also contribute to a more vibrant and prosperous society.