Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

In recent years, entrepreneurship has proven to be a driver for innovation, competitiveness and economic growth, proving to be a fantastic field for women to start their professional careers.

The project is aimed at educators and any organisation working with women, especially education and training centres, public bodies, or international organisations active in the field of adult education and training.

Project objectives

The WE GET project aims to provide innovative tools and training materials to support women entrepreneurs by increasing their soft skills, especially those related to creativity, persuasion and innovation – improving their digital and ICT skills and boosting their entrepreneurial and professional careers.

Project results

– An open education resource containing all products to be developed within the project.

– A competence self-assessment tool for would-be and young women entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, while reconciling it with their family and house duties, including home-based businesses.

– A Dual e-Kit with two sections: one targeting educators and another targeting would-be and young entrepreneur women.

– 6 modules with teaching/learning materials for adult educators

– An e-library with collected and systematized information about existing funding, education and training opportunities and initiatives for entrepreneur women at the national and EU level.

– 6 e-workshops about leadership, innovation, creativity, and change management models, businesspersons’ professional profiles, etc.

– An “E-portal” with an online “Women entrepreneur Webinar-cycle” and an e-gallery with inspirational successful businesspersons from partner countries

– An awareness campaign to promote the e-portal including the open “Women entrepreneur Webinar-cycle” and the e-gallery with inspirational videos.

Project partners

VI One Consultancy (Coordinador)
Istituto dei Sordi di Torino
Kicooley Womens Centre
Les Apprimeurs
Rusenka Targovsko Industrialna Kamara

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