Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Timeless is a 24-month Erasmus+ project coordinated by the University of Usak, which focuses on the lack of awareness of older people’s participation in lifelong learning, social and cultural initiatives in their societies, and the implications for adult educators.

It is aimed at adult educators (teachers, mentors, etc., especially those working with older students) and older adults.

Project objectives

– To enhance the professional development of adult educators working with older adults through new training opportunities leading to the development of heritage based EFL (English Foreign Language) learning materials in collaboration with adult learners.

– Increasing the appreciation of local and common European heritage

– Raise cultural awareness and promote intercultural dialogue through the interpretation of the common European heritage in the context of non-formal and informal adult education.

Project results

– An interactive database for adult educators

– A combined course for adult educators

– A digital book “Hidden Culture”: teaching/learning materials developed by older students in EFL and recommendations for adult educators

– The learning materials will be developed by and for adult educators with the collaboration of working groups of older people. In turn, adult educators will improve their knowledge of instructional design in informal and non-formal EFL learning environments and social inclusion of older learners. This will promote the participation and persistence of older learners in lifelong learning and improve their digital, language and intercultural skills.

Project partners

Universitat d’Uşak (Coordinator)
Nikanor Ltd.
Fundación ZINI

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