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Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Today, in the 28 countries of the EU, there are about 650,000 prisoners. Only 1 in 5 of them is involved in any kind of activity and only 3% of them are working for outside entities. Unemployment, lack of tailor-made training and loss of identity and sense of belonging to the civilian community determine a still too high level of recidivism among the most disadvantaged individuals.

Based on these figures and the observation that throughout Europe it has become quite common to carry out artistic (and more specifically theatrical) activities in prisons to help inmates throughout their rehabilitation process. The project highlights the lack of structured models for the validation and certification of the transversal and specific skills that can be acquired through this type of activities and that can be useful also once out of prison.

Project objectives

– The transversal recognition of the specific professional (artistic) skills developed by the prisoners, in order to improve social reintegration.

– To highlight the social work carried out by artistic companies in prisons.

– The creation of an innovative network system of socio-economic agents and public offices in the labour market so that they can improve the employability of ex-prisoners.

Project results

– Common European framework for the transversality and development of artistic skills of prisoners through art and artistic expression.

– Online course “Recognizing skills, giving value to professions”.

– Operational guidelines for the management of projects on skills and development of professional competences addressed to prisoners.

– European database to find a job (especially artistic).

Project partners

Arci Comitato Regionale Liguria
Asturia vzw
Collegium Balticum
Equipe Formatori Associati
Teatro Dellortica

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