Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

The SenQuality project addresses the topic of individual later life preparation in order to support well-being in old age. Demographic ageing is likely to be of major significance in the coming decades. Low birth rates and higher life expectancy will lead to a much older population structure. The demographic change will have far-reaching implications. Expected cuts in social security systems, challenges for the health and care systems etc. emphasize an increased responsibility of individuals to prepare for later life. This includes bodily changes, role transitions when retiring and also the loss of independence and a decreasing network of friends and family to rely on. However, many people have not thought much about their later life nor taken future-oriented actions.

The main target groups are adults in their middle age between 40 and 65 as well as seniors in their Third Age, around the time of retirement. We will also target adult educators, counsellors, psychologists and other related professional groups.

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of planning for later life in a positive way and offer individuals an easily accessible and flexible planning tool that they can implement on their own.

Project results

“Domains for later life preparation”: an information pack with a description, concrete information and advice on the nine domains relevant for later life including examples of good practices for preparation.
Development of a methodological framework to aid in the assessment, self-reflection and action plan in the nine domains concerned. This framework will also serve to assess the current situation and the best path forward, in addition to supporting individual initiatives.
Online platform for later life planning. Examples of different good practices and also country specific sources and materials that will serve as inspiration for personal planning.

Project partners

Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft (Coordinador) - Germany
DomSpain - Spain - Greece
Poligonal - Italy
C.F.C.D.C. Centre For Competence Development (COMCY) - Cyprus
Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego w Sopocie - Polonia

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