Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

PEPA is a project aimed at training migrant women by allowing them to support other women in learning and social activities, as well as to volunteer in their community. Although the project will benefit all types of migrant women, it is designed to be particularly beneficial to those who have a lower level of education or income, are socially isolated or in vulnerable circumstances.

Evidence from across the EU shows that migrant women have poorer employment, integration and learning outcomes than migrant men or EU-born women. Peer support and volunteering have been shown to significantly improve migrant women’s integration, learning and employment outcomes, as well as helping them build new social networks, gain confidence and improve their mental and physical health.

Project objectives

Increase the number and quality of peer support and volunteer opportunities for migrant women.
To create more capacity for practitioners and more opportunities for migrant women, in the longer-term PEPA will foster better communication and knowledge sharing between individuals and agencies working in this space.

Project results

A best practice guide, to be used by practitioners supporting migrant women peer support guides, to be used by migrant women themselves a collection of learning materials hosted on a digital e-platform.

Project partners

Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Spolecznej (coordinator)
Go-Woman! Alliance Community Interest Company
Institutul Bucovina

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