Open The Door to Europe

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Unemployment affects many people in all European Union member countries, yet there are variations from country to country. But in all of them, without exception, young people are the most disadvantaged segment of the population. Free mobility between Europe does not necessarily facilitate the problem, immigrants often encounter additional barriers to employment such as lack of language skills or cultural differences.

Project objectives

  • To improve the quality of adult education and training by promoting access to innovative educational tools and learning materials for all stakeholders in adult education – both teachers/trainers and learners
  • To provide teachers with the necessary tools to improve the foreign language competences of the target group of young people, both job seekers and university graduates who are looking for a better job in multinational companies. Newly arrived immigrants in need of social and labour market inclusion. Administrative and academic staff seeking promotion in their current job.

Project results

  • A game based on the language courses English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Polish and Turkish with language materials to learn about work and social situations of everyday life.
  • Methodology and tools/workshops for teachers to help them improve their educational skills in the adult education system.
  • “Crucible of cultures”, or a portal for learners to chat, connect with native speakers and learn
  • The Resource Library for teachers and learners consisting of language materials, intercultural information and resources for section occupancy.

Project partners

Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft - Germany
Collegium Balticum - Poland
LatConsul - Latvia
Nikanor - Bulgaria
Les Cultures - Italy
Usak University - Turkey

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