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Project description

Descriptions of job offers often contain gender-biased language concerning the characteristics of the desired applicants. Consciously or unconsciously the wording adopted by recruiters is often tainted with terms that are culturally associated with the male or female gender and lead to self-selection bias from the potential applicants. The public has been aware for many years of the issues that women face in regards to employability and access to job opportunities. Even so, the matter of gender bias in job descriptions is still a problem. In the minds of both recruiters and applicants, the association of a given gender to some professions is still very common, therefore limiting the attractiveness upfront of some opportunities for many. Moreover, these challenges are bidirectional in the sense that they are imposed on both future candidates and employers and/or HR managers. At times, simply the way in which an advert for a job vacancy is showcased may, unintentionally, cause more people from the male gender to apply despite the qualifications required.

Project objectives

The project aims to contribute to the reduction of gender bias in communication processes in the job market, notably in the development of job offers, and CVs from potential job applicants. The goal is to develop tools to raise awareness about the existing bias in such contexts, as well as to offer guidelines and tools to support employers and job applicants in the implementation of more equitable recruitment practices.

The products of this project will promote social inclusion by promoting gender equality in job access.

Project results

Guide for the Identification and Mitigation of Gender Biases Practices in Job Market Managers

Online Lab for Gender Bias Awareness and Assessment Managers

O´Bias Lab Toolkit and Training Packages for Job Seekers and Employers

Project partners

University of Aveiro
Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft (Coordinador)
nova-Ria – Associação de Empresas para uma Rede de Inovação em Aveiro
Stowarzyszenie Edukacja przez Internet

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