Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

The i- DREAM project aims to support and guide trainers, tutors and facilitators as they transition to online and blended learning opportunities. Partners have conducted some research to create a common profile of the digital educator in order to adapt the creation and delivery of resources for the use of digital tools in sessions and lesson plans.

The research conducted will also influence a customised training toolkit for trainers, to equip them with the knowledge and understanding to incorporate digital content into their traditional face-to-face teaching. i-DREAM believes that digital transformation for the digital classroom across Europe is a priority that must be addressed in collaboration with all education stakeholders.

Project objectives

– Teach how to plan and design;

– To set reasonable objectives;

– To carry out situational analysis of a target groups.

Project results

– Common Profile of Digital Tutor & Learner

– Course for Digital Educator Skills

– Best Practice Guide to Digital Learning: For learners, For tutors

Project partners

Kilcooley Women’s Center, United Kindom
IRIS - Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Spolecznej, Poland
VI One Consultancy, Netherlands
CEFEC - Confederation of European Firms, Employment Initiatives and Cooperatives, Belgium
DomSpain, Spain
Eurosuccess Consulting, Cyprus

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