Guide me Green

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

The Covid-19 crisis has brought significant changes in mobility, consumption patterns, leisure, work, and many other dimensions of our lives. These changes have/will have a significant impact on travel and tourism as we used to know them. As a result of the considerable drop in travel linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is in a deep crisis. Being central to the European recovery, to recover it needs smart (digital, sustainable) ecosystems for all tourism stakeholders offering travellers more memorable and sustainable experiences.

Guide me Green aims at making links between the needs of tourists from all backgrounds and local communities for more adequate sustainable travel.

At the same time, the project will approach travellers from an educational perspective to enlighten them to travel in a sustainable way by displaying best practices and offering an adapted and high-quality training programme.

Project objectives

  • Making the concept and necessity of sustainable tourism more accessible to diverse, disadvantaged or low-income groups and debunk myths about who it is for.
  • Promoting the concept of inclusive sustainable tourism to public authorities to encourage its uptake and the development of sustainable experiences.
  • Conveying knowledge to adult learners and adult educators about sustainable tourism and the advantages it offers to the immediate local and regional ecosystem, well-being, health, cultural heritage preservation, sustainable business development etc. all of which are directly linked to the environment and affected by climate change and environmental degradation.
  • Helping individuals understand the environmental impact of their choices and how to travel and live more sustainably, support a more sustainable tourism economy.
  • Supporting educational, civil, and tourism organisations, public authorities in the necessity to develop and promote more environmentally sustainable destinations.

Project results

  1. Manual on Good Practices and Framework
  2. Online Training Programme and Handbook for educators
  3. Guide Me Green Toolbox
  4. Engagement Campaign

Project partners

VHS Landesverband Schsen-Anhalt

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