Green Collider

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

The development of green skills has become the key to maintaining added value in the sustainable economy that the EU is striving to create. The importance that green skills are gaining in these unpredictable times, where the demands for more sustainable functioning and operation are more pressing and changing, also carries over into the world of education.

Green skills and the sustainable economy require the development of a set of high value and high quality skills in the VET and SME sector. An agile mindset and readiness to change are immensely important, more than ever, to foster and enable the shift towards a sustainable and green economy.

Raising awareness among decision-makers in both the education and economic sectors of the challenges posed by the environment and climate change is key to changing behaviours and guiding change towards the greening of existing curricula, which will lead to the development of new green skills.

The project and the Green Collider partnership will work on these issues from 2022 to 2024.

Project objectives

The main objectives are:

  • to raise awareness on the importance of introduction of the changes brought by the European Green Deal in both VET and business sector;
  • to raise readiness for change level in VET and business sector (with special focus on SMEs);
  • to contribute to bridging the gap between labour market needs and vocational education and training programmes in the field of sustainable thinking and circular economy, by establishing and further strengthening the cooperation between VET providers and business sector; 

Project results

  • Green Collider Masterclass: 4 modules covering the theoretical and practical knowledge on the sustainable thinking and green competencies development and four short webinars.
  • VET-Business Green Cooperation Collider: a conceptual framework covering different methodologies for VET-business cooperation, such as authentic task challenge from the real work environment and accompanying self-reflecting tool in a format of an online interactive game, which can also be used independently.
  • Policy Paper: It summarizes the designed bottom-up policy learning and making process and considers two key issues:

Project partners

University of the Peloponnese - Greece
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS)
Dom Spain - Spain
Taste Roots Cooperative Society - Italy
Auxilium - Austria
Šolski center Škofja loka (School Center Škofja Loka) - Slovenia
Europa Consortium - Hungría

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