Going Back to Green Future

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

The project “Going back to green future” directly addresses the pressing issue of climate change mitigation.

We are morally bound by International treaties and European policies to take action against climate change. And while there is substantial willingness at the international level to tackle these challenges, the actual implementation of climate change policies is hindered by a general lack of awareness of the situation’s urgency.

Adult education institutions have encouraged learners to lead sustainable lives in recent years. However, the educators lack proper guidelines to ensure their work follows sustainable practices.

This project will explore the possibility of establishing guidelines and self-evaluation systems that are valid across Europe for Sustainable Development, as well as the incorporation of sustainable development goals in adult education institutions. This will involve the exchange of good practices among 7 partners from 6 countries.

The project directly targets adult education institutions staff and indirectly targets adult learners, adult education institutions, organisations providing training and other stakeholders, such as adult education associations and policy-makers.

Project objectives

Extend and develop adult education institution staff competences in the field of climate change mitigation in a broad sense.

Improve the capacity of adult learning institutions and organisations to incorporate sustainable development goals into their strategies, plans and, most importantly, their everyday life and work.

Create opportunities for adult learners in different European countries to become more environmentally responsible citizens.

Project results

A virtual collection of good practices demonstrating the incorporation of SD goals in partner country organisations that will enable the users to get an overview of what worked best in each country.

A list of self-evaluation tools and methods regarding the incorporation of SD in organisations that will enable users to select their own method or tool for self-evaluation.

Implementation of a 3-day training event »Ex-Change!« that will equip at least 19 participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully incorporate SD goals into their organisations.

Implementation of action plans that will encompass concrete measures, actions for incorporating Sustainable development goals into partner organisations.
Identification of Sustainable Development ambassadors as role models in each partner organisation for promotional and dissemination purposes who will take care of the implementation of Action plans and offer support to interested organisations.

PhotoVoice Manifesto to enable critical reflection on the realities of every-day work and life.

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