Digital CLIL

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

The “Digital CLIL for all” project aims to improve the digital and multilingual skills of adult learners in order to enhance their ability to participate in social life, expand work opportunities and improve the socio-professional conditions of citizens, as well as to create a new teaching methodology to be used in adult learning.

The Digital CLIL method combines the CLIL approach, Content and Language Integrated Learning, which is used to transmit non-linguistic disciplines, with the use of ICT, enhancing the digital dimension in the teaching process.

Project objectives

The overall aim is therefore to improve and strengthen the digital and language skills of adult learners for more active participation in the labour market and in European society. The project will support teaching staff in their ability to improve the level of social skills of adult learners through the CLIL digital methodology and will update teaching methods for adult learning based on digital and linguistic experience.

Project results

Guidelines for applying the Digital CLIL teaching methodology in adult learning.
All the materials produced by the project will be available in 6 languages (Italian, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Spanish and English) to ensure maximum usefulness both in the national contexts in which the project will be implemented and in other European countries.

Project partners

EBIT: Scuola di Formazione e Perfezionamento per la Pubblica Amministrazione
Skola Dante
Dorea Educational Institute
Bridge Language Study House

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