Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

DiG-Equal: Digital education for adults and adult educators in e-government access through context-based gamified scenarios.

The project aims to define a strategy that blends trust, digital competencies and build autonomy among low-skilled/low-educated adults (+40), particularly of disadvantaged categories, in the fields of e-government: e-health, online job search and usage of public agency services, bill & taxation e-payment, and e-participation portals.

Dig-Equal aims on developing pedagogical tools and practices that are deeply rooted on the everyday activities and difficulties faced by us, citizens. We want to reflect on how to make e-government and online services closer to adults, and at the same time develop simple and innovative materials for educators and organizations that support adults at different levels of digital education and social empowerment

Project objectives

Dig-Equal is a European project that wants to:
– Define the main skills and expectations on the main adoption factors for e-government interaction by adults to fully exert their rights as citizens.

– Develop innovative solutions for educational centers working with adults.

– Improvement of adult educators’ and low-qualified adults’ skills and competences by applying a training course on different aspects of e-government.

– Development of a ‘quest based interactive web-app’ which will follow a gamified approach, and will be used not only by educators as an educational tool, but as a self-learning tool as well, particularly useful for disempowered and cultural diverse groups.

Project results

1. Sustainable Digital Adult Education Goals – e-government skills and methodology for context-based digital education of adult educators & adults.

2. E-government everyday: adults and adult educators in action! (Learning course for adults and a toolbox of materials to support adult educators to complement their current digital education classes.)

3. A quest-based interactive web-app for adults to choose and understand everyday situations and compare how “life with and without e-government is” and gamify choices to be made every day.

Project partners

University of Aveiro

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