Count Me In

Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Europe has always been a pioneer of innovative ideas. “If we choose the path of innovation… we must look at people, places and processes” (European Political Strategy Centre Strategic Notes,2017).

By looking at people, we must bear in mind that each person should have better opportunities in their life and receive support and help in difficult situations or social exclusion. It is a win-win strategy, as it promotes the personal and professional development of each individual and, at the same time, makes society prosper. In this context, it is of vital importance to improve learning opportunities for low-skilled adults, especially those belonging to disadvantaged groups, such as young people or people with special needs, due to the stigmatisation and exclusion of all potential workers.

The development of skills and competences will improve their standard of living as well as their opportunities to be included in society. The Count Me In project addresses this issue through clear and concrete objectives.

Project objectives

– To support the development of quality learning provision in the field of adult education with a focus on outcomes and learner responsibility and autonomy.

– Promoting the use of technology in educational and civil participation processes.

– To provide all stakeholders (adult learners, educational institutions, civil organisations, decision makers…) with access to innovative teaching/learning tools through the SMART platform.

– To promote international cooperation of organisations active in the field of adult education and civil participation, focusing on the active inclusion of young people and people with special needs.

Project results

– Design of a SMART platform, an open educational resource;

– Design and implementation of an online training and course for adult educators to improve their digital and professional skills;

– Design of an online course and organisation of pilot programmes in the partner countries aimed at young people and people with special needs to improve their digital skills and civic literacy in order to make ‘SMART’ changes

– Improving the attractiveness and access to new career paths in the field of digital technologies and sustainable community development for disadvantaged groups.

Project partners

Istituto Dei Sordi
Collegium Balticum

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