Erasmus+ KA2

Project description

Unlike densely populated areas, rural areas are gradually depopulating. As entrepreneurial competence declines in those areas, many young adults and women can’t access entrepreneurial opportunities. In these zones, it is also difficult for youth and women to participate in the community, leading to a reduction in participatory skills.

Community Enterprises (CEs) are socioeconomic entities that benefit their communities by involving citizens in the planning, production, financing and exploitation activities.

The project will target young adults and women living in rural areas who want to access better social and work opportunities with the goal of starting their own businesses.

By implementing this project we aim to increase the participatory skills and entrepreneurial skills of the target groups in the CEs sector. In the long term and through the growth of CEs and the implementation of official oversite and regulation in the sector, the project will help strengthen sustainable growth in EU rural areas.

Project objectives

Support the learning of skills needed to combat the depopulation and impoverishment of rural areas through the implementation of Community Enterprises.

Project results

Initial project form: The product will be a model for competence development and aid in targeting young people and women who intend to set up a community enterprise. It will include a tool for skills self-assessment, training to improve the entrepreneurial and relational skills necessary to develop community enterprises, and a business plan for the start-up phase.
Community Enterprise Development Portal: The portal will be an accessible and free online tool that will allow the implementation and use of the tools mentioned in the previous point.

Project partners

Mag Verona – Cooperativa sociale (Coordinador)
Associazione NET
Solution NGO
SSL – Searchlighter Services Ltd
Associaciao Check-In
Uni-Ruse “Angel Kanchev” University

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