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Are you interested in creating inclusive communities and environments in your educational setting? Join our comprehensive course and learn the best practices and strategies for fostering inclusivity. Get acquainted with essential methodologies, tools, and techniques that promote an integrative and inclusive educational offer. Gain insights into international legislations and policies related to learners with special needs, and learn how to effectively implement inclusive practices in your teaching. Discover strategies for creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that values diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all learners.

Enroll now and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to create inclusive communities and environments where every learner can thrive. Join us in creating a more inclusive educational landscape for all learners!


5 Days

Target Group

School teachers

Our Objectives

The principles taught in this course can be applied not only in educational and employment projects, but also in other areas, such as human rights, active citizenship, health education, culture, research, etc.

  • Learn cases of international good practice concerning integration of learners with disabilities.
  • Get an overall idea on international legislation and policies concerning learners with disabilities. 
  • Understand the essential elements for successful planning and management of integration projects.
  • Familiarise with techniques, tools and resources for promoting effectively social integration of PwD and facilitate the sustainability. 
  • Familiarise with techniques for ensuring high quality standards of the results. 
  • Be able to apply practices for monitoring the project performance and ensure the implementation. 

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