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Design and manage your EU project

Are you eager to internationalize your school or centre by participating in EU-funded projects? Join our comprehensive course and learn how to design, manage, and implement successful Erasmus+ projects with ease! Gain valuable insights into the process of developing and submitting winning project proposals, and learn effective strategies for project management and implementation. 

Discover best practices and tips for maximising the potential of Erasmus+ funding opportunities to promote internationalization in your educational institution. Expand your horizons and gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully engage in European projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your school or centre to new heights of internationalization! Enroll now and unlock the doors to exciting EU-funded project opportunities.


5 Days

Target Group

School teachers

Our Objectives

The principles taught in this course can be applied not only in educational and employment projects, but also in other areas, such as human rights, active citizenship, health education, culture, research, etc.

  • Know how to make your school or educational centre more international by participating to EU projects. 
  • Acquire knowledge and practical information about EU polices and funding opportunities. 
  • Learn how to follow project design from the preparatory phase to the follow up. 
  • Improve practical skills related to the management of the ideation and application process. 
  • Learn and get guidance on the preparation and management of business plan, budget and contractual aspects through concrete examplea and direct evidence.
  • Get in touch with individuals, professionals and organisations interested in developing European projects.

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