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Blended learning, the innovative approach that combines traditional classroom teaching with online activities, is gaining increasing popularity in education. In this course, you will learn the principles and best practices of designing effective blended learning activities. 

Discover how to seamlessly integrate offline and online content in a way that complements and scaffolds each other, ensuring a truly blended learning experience. Gain insights into how to maximize the benefits of the traditional classroom, such as interactive discussions and face-to-face interactions, with the advantages of the online environment, such as mobility and flexibility.

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5 Days

Target Group

School teachers

Our Objectives

  • Deepen in the concept of Blended Learning.
  • Provide the tools and techniques to improve the blended learning offer in participants’ educational programmes.
  • Be able to implement successful planning and management of blended learning programmes and projects.
  • Learn about the latest and most effective techniques, tools and resources of blended learning educational programmes.
  • Be capable of ensuring high quality standards of the results. 
  • Enhance participants project monitoring and coordinating  competences.
  • Guide participants through  the most suitable methodologies, tools and techniques learnt with their target groups.
  • Learn about Digital and ICT methodologies that can be adapted to differnt contexts.

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