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DomSpain es un centro dinámico de educación y formación que opera a nivel nacional e internacional. Fundado en 2008 por un grupo de educadores apasionados, creemos que el aprendizaje es una experiencia que trasciende los límites de la educación formal. Hoy nos sentimos orgullosos de contar con una red de formadores, profesores, alumnos y profesionales que comparten la visión de la educación como un viaje continuo, a lo largo de toda la vida y accesible para todos. Descubre cómo podemos ayudarte a alcanzar tus objetivos de desarrollo personal y profesional.

We offer a variety of services not only to our closest community but also to national and international public and private sectors; always with a vision of empowering individuals and organisations to gain the necessary skills, competences and know how to find the resources needed to fulfil their personal or professional aspirations. 

To that end, we have established a local training centre offering face-to-face and online training courses. Our team consists of more than 40 educators, psychologists, social and youth workers, translators, ICT experts. Annually we involve in our teaching and training activities over 1400 students all over the province and around 200 international learners.

Our Training Department develops educational programmes in four main directions:

  • Courses and workshops:for adult learners, foreign languages, ICT, cookery, dance and personal growth classes.
  • Vocational Education: ICT, foreign languages, employability, work-based learning.
    We are an accredited consultancy, recruitment and training centre to coordinate local, national and international mobilities and internships of VET students.
  • Trainings for educators: focusing on improving their foreign language competences, use of digital tools and new teaching methods, blended learning.
  • Extracurricular activities: for school children and parents, foreign languages, robotics, coding, internet safety and educational support to children, teenagers, and adults with learning difficulties.

Programming & ICT

We design, produce, and implement a whole range of digital solutions, mainly in the educational field: e-learning platforms, mobile applications, educational games, databases, etc.

Over the years, we have built a strong team active in protection of technological infrastructures to offer to organizations, businesses, public bodies and other entities integral solutions, which help them guarantee the cybernetic security. We provide guidance and support to entities such as educational centres, public bodies, social enterprises, and NGOs in digitalising of their internal working processes.

International Project Development

We have gained a wide expertise in accessing, managing, implementing and monitoring EU funded projects. We coordinate internships, apprenticeships, and mobilities of both VET staff and students in the fields of tourism, restoration, biology, audiovisuals, mechanics, accessibility, marketing, administration and finances, non-formal and informal education, among others. 

Capacity Building

We also focus on strengthening the capacity of small-sized enterprises and organisations, as well as volunteering, working on social issues, involving in our activities all community members, including employers and governmental officials at all levels.


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