EDUCATION AND TRAINING (on a national level)

Domspain Consulting is an adult education and training centre. It operates both, nationally and within the framework of the European Union. Our main working areas are: Adult education, Information Technologies (ICT) and Smart Cities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage, Accessibility and social integration of people with disabilities and Internationalization.



  • Adult education

    Courses and trainings for adult learners, including foreign language, ICT, cookery and personal growth classes.
    Trainings for adult educators focusing on application of digital tools, e-learning, and “effective teaching”.
    Face-to-face and Skype classes.

  • Information Technologies (ICT) and Smart Cities

    Development of web platforms and mobile applications.
    Tailored training programmes for companies and schools.

  • Culture, Tourism and Heritage

    Development and promotion of cultural products, including touristic guided routes.
    Cultural mediation on local, regional, and international level.
    Translation of culture and art books, materials for museums, art exhibitions, etc.

  • Accessibility and social integration of people with disabilities

    Organisation of raising awareness campaigns.
    Definition of accessible routes.
    Tailored training programmes for adults with special educational needs.
    Participation in international projects related to the topic.

  • Internationalization

    Participation and coordination of EU educational and cultural projects.
    Co-founding member of D-LEARN, European network of digital learning.
    Member of EfVET, European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
    Member of the Immersive Learning Research Network

In a globalised world there are more challenges but there are also more opportunities to grow and develop positively for organisations and businesses.
For this reason we:

– Look for the international partners requiered
– Prepare the paperwork in the language required,
– Run projects and prepare project jutification documents these services for organisations.