Quality Blended Learning Multiplier Event

On Friday 18th of October, DomSpain organised a Multiplier Event in their premises (Raval Sant Pere, 1, principal, 43201, Reus). The event counted with more than 30 participants and it aimed to present the results of the project (especially the “Blend it well” manual and the learning materials sored in the interactive gym). The target groups were mainly representatives of adults education centers from the Tarragona province. blended grup 2

The agenda of the event included a description of the main topics to be discussed, the exact hour and location, useful material for the target group to be more familiar with the project, a registration form and links to the project and the company’s websites. The agenda was provided in Spanish to all participants.


Many of the participants were stakeholders working on adult education, especially in the field of linguistic and digital skills. Most of the participants were educators, educational managers or trainers
coming from different entities and centres we have regular contacts  with. It is a fact that it was of upmost importance, as educators provided directly their feedback on what they need for their adult learners and expressed their needs and concerns in regards to implementing new blended methodologies in their curriculum.

During the event all the participants were asked to validate the results of the project and provide their feedback on the organization of the event as well as on the materials they were shonw.

blended grup 2 (2)

After the event, many participants expressed their interest in keeping in touch with DomSpain in order to build future collaborations and implement some of the blended features togehther in educational provision in the province of Tarragona.







To learn more about the project visit www.blenditwell.eu